Sigma Small Business Week Spotlight: V-Trap Kitchen and Lounge

In honor of Sigma Small Business Week, we want to give a shout-out to V-Trap Kitchen and Lounge in Little Italy! V-Trap, owned and operated by Kristin and Milt Bowen, first opened its doors in April and is the sister of the Nude Food truck. As the truck is only a year old, one may wonder how they grew so quickly. Simply put, they are committed to exceptional service. Kristin, an educator in New Castle County by trade, often sought a way to provide information and healthy alternatives for herself, her students, and the community as a whole. When Kristin embarked on further lifestyle changes, the Nude Food family officially began. After a phenomenal launch in Summer 2018, Kristin took the most worthwhile of risks, opting to run the truck full-time, while continuing to build the burgeoning brand. V-Trap soon became a reality, making Nude Food’s wildly successful brand more accessible on a daily basis.

When asked why the risk, she keeps it simple: “It’s not just about me. It’s for my family.” Step into V-Trap, and you see this statement in action. Milt and Kristin run a true family business: if you are related, you are committed to success! Their four children, their parents, and many other family members and friends can all be seen playing their part. Our Chapter has a family connection as well: Bro. Shaw, who first became friends with Kristin during their time teaching together, has always raved about their Loaded Chili Nachos, and is jokingly referred to as the “Unofficial Mayor of V-Trap.”

Despite their vegan-approved menu, don’t limit them by using the word. Talk with Kristin, and she’ll gladly tell you that they don’t use it in their promotion. “It’s just GOOD FOOD!,” she often says with a smile on her face. The service, vibes, and food will absolutely surpass your expectations. We are planning to stop by for their Silent Party Celebration on Saturday, and you should too! If you haven’t yet, give them a like, a follow, and check them out!

Visit V-Trap

607 N Lincoln St, Wilmington, DE 19805 302-656-1595

Instagram: @vtrapkitchen Facebook: @vtrapkitchen