Lambda Delta Sigma adds another member to an esteemed group

April 27, 2020

As previously reported, the Mighty Eastern Region completed its’ first virtual Regional Conference. Groundbreaking in its’ nature, the business of the Fraternity, Region, and Chapters was handled in a way that spoke to the seriousness of the occasion, while also acknowledging and adapting to the current worldwide state of affairs.

In addition to the business items that took place, the Brotherhood confirmed the newest recipients of the Prominent Brother Service (PBS) Award. The PBS award, instituted in the early 1990s, is known as the highest individual honor in the Eastern Region. Each year, new “classes” of brothers are inducted, akin to a Phi Beta Sigma “Hall of Fame.”

Seven brothers were inducted this year, including Brothers Gerald Weatherspoon, Charles “Corky” Conyers, Devon Henry, Marlo D. Simon, Charles Anderson and Edmund Hardy.

The Lambda Delta Sigma Chapter is proud to announce the addition of one of our own to this venerated group. In the 2020 Eastern Regional Conference, the membership confirmed the induction of Brother Dale J. Harris to the Prominent Brother Service Class of 2020.

Brother Harris, who was initiated in the Fall of 1980 at Virginia State College (now Virginia State University), is a Life Member of the Fraternity. Known by many inside and outside of the organization as “Uncle Dale,” this brother has held numerous key roles throughout his experience as a member. Currently serving as Delaware’s State Director, Brother Harris has also served as Director to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, in addition to expertise as a Vice Director and Area Deputy Director. Throughout his Sigma career, Brother Harris has been a key component of the chartering, re-activation, and governance of many chapters throughout the region—efforts that began four decades ago. To this day, Brother Harris continues to serve as a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and service to brothers near and far.

Born in Philadelphia, and raised in Virginia, Dale is a proud Virginia State alum. Dale has also broken new ground as a founding member of the Delaware Virginia State Alumni Association. Dale’s stellar professional career is highlighted by his work as a Branch Chief for the Defense Logistics Agency, a position he has held for over 36 years.

In addition to his professional responsibilities, Dale serves as Vice-Chairman of the Trustee Board at Nazarene Baptist Church in Philadelphia, a role he has held since 2003. Dale also engages in a number of community-oriented activities, including executive board memberships and intentional service projects.

Brother Dale J. Harris carries an extensive resume in a number of areas; however, one of his proudest achievements has been his service to LDS, which began with his arrival as a Charter Member of our great chapter in 2000. With the confirmation of his latest honor, Brother Harris joins Larry Mungin, James Simmons, and James Thomas as Lambda Delta Sigma’s recipients of the Prominent Brother Service Award.

The brothers of LDS are proud of Dale J. Harris, his achievements, and his induction to the Prominent Brother Service Class of 2020!

Written by Bro. Ronald Shaw, Director of Education/Director of Publicity