Brother Uthman-Olukokun named new Director of Sigma Beta Clubs


On Monday, September 23, Brother Eros Uthman-Olukokun confirmed his appointment to the position of Director of Sigma Beta Clubs for the Lambda Delta Sigma Chapter. Brother Uthman-Olukokun, a recent initiate, views the appointment as confirmation of his zeal for the Fraternity’s objectives and also views it as an opportunity to further his passions.

File photo via the School District of Philadelphia

Brother Uthman-Olukokun, a career educator, has served the School District in a number of complex positions, including his current tenure as an Assistant Principal. He also serves as an adjunct professor to aspiring educators through the University of Pennsylvania.

The Chapter is confident that he will approach this appointment with courage and excellence, and is excited about the opportunities that his presence presents!

Bro. Uthman-Olukokun (second from right) was initiated to the Lambda Delta Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma in June 2019.
Photo via Marsalis Warren